Mt Wellington Marine

The Benefits of Dry Stack Boat Storage

Drystack is a safe, secure and convenient way to berth your boat offering significant advantages and cost efficiencies compared to traditional berthing in the water all year round. At MWM, we offer Dry Stack berths for over 400 boats up to 40ft (12m) in length. Our service is entirely geared around your needs. Your boat is stored on our custom racking system, and we launch your boat for you whenever you want to use it. Mount Wellington Marine drystack offers an extremely safe and convenient way to berth your boat with many economical and practical advantages compared to the more traditional berthing in the water or keeping your boat in your driveway all year round.

Spend More Time On the Water

Experience hassle-free boating at Mount Wellington Marine with unlimited launch and retrieval of your boat available 7 days a week. With no tidal restrictions you can avoid the queues at the boat ramp and the challenges of trailer parking and spend more time on the water. And when you return to the dry stack at the end of the day you simple tie up your boat and let our experienced team take care of the rest. Storing your boat out of the water means reduced wear and tear on the hull of your boat, resulting in significantly lower maintenance and repair costs and maintaining the value of your boat.

State-of-the-art Security

At Mount Wellington Marine we have a strong focus on keeping your boat safe and secure. 

With 24 hour monitoring, electronic and key-coded gates, and twenty six cameras placed throughout the site we can guarantee you peace of mind knowing your boat is in safe hands. Having your boat in drystack storage significantly decreases the risks of theft or tampering while you are not at home, and you will have no more concerns about your boat slipping its mooring lines in strong winds.

Full Concierge Service

Mount Wellington Marine offers an exceptional one-stop service with everything you need available on site.
This includes:

•  A freshwater water-blast cleaning each time we take your boat out of the water. This significantly reduces damage caused by salt water corrosion.
•  A freshwater flush of your boat’s engine.
•  Bait available on site
•  Salt ice available on site

Get to your favorite boating spots in minutes